I want to thank the many friends and listeners to Rock Hits 92.3 who have pitched in with donations to help us pay the legal fees as we continue to battle the large, Wall Street listed broadcasting entity known as SAGA Communications, headquartered in Michigan. You know this outfit as “The Charlottesville Radio,”a moniker they invented to convince area businesses and residents that they are ‘local.’ They are the licensee of the stations “3WV,””The Corner,””Z-95,” “WINA” and others. What they did is to target the usually routine license renewal procedure with a potpourri of inaccurately supported grievances, not so much because they think they can deny us a license, but because they want to bankrupt us with legal expenses. There have been no decisions yet, but the FCC did send us (and some other area stations) a “Letter of Inquiry,” that given its nature, seems to at least hint of nefarious influence behind the scenes. This is being investigated, but we can’t say any more. We are attempting to answer their inquires to the best of our abilities.

SAGA’s actions are being undertaken for two reasons. One is obvious:  Flat out greed. The other is more subtle: if they could knock this (and other area stations) off the air, they can apply later to use the frequencies to further their near monopoly on area radio. Their long game is to get the FCC to drop all limits on how many stations they can own in
a given market. If they can swamp their commercial competitor here (Monticello Media) with several more stations, they could force them out and OWN IT ALL! That’s right one entity owning all local radio. Welcome to North Korea! While we were VERY PLEASED with the level of donations last Fall (and we keep getting them… THANKS!), it will be necessary for those donations to continue for us to be able to go on fighting SAGA. And with the current Corona Virus issue, our Underwriting sales are not going to be increasing in the near term. Whether you are just finding out about this issue, or have known about it and donated before, we encourage you to go to 923xrk.org now and hit the ‘Donate’ button! All donations $25 and up will receive a Rock Hits 92.3 t-shirt and bumper sticker.  We were setting up some restaurant Gift Certs for donors, but the Corona Virus scare has put an end to that for now.

We had to send our lawyer in DC a substantial sum on March 1 st to deal with the aforementioned ‘Letter of Inquiry,’ and it is likely that more will be needed soon.

All donations are tax deductible. If considering a large donation and would like a detailed personal briefing, please email/call with your contact information… and of course, keep NOT EVER listening to any of the Charlottesville Radio Group stations!