Official statement from Mike Friend, owner of Rock Hits 92.3

Friends and listeners beware! Rock Hits 92.3 WXRK is under assault by the large, Wall Street listed broadcasting entity known as SAGA Communications, headquartered in Gross Point Farms, Michigan. This outfit markets itself as “The Charlottesville Radio” (in an effort to convince area residents that they are in some way ‘local’) with statements like, “We believe in local media.” They are the licensee of the stations “3WV,””The Corner,””Z-95,” “WINA” and others.
What they have done is to target the usually routine license renewal process with a throw-it-up-against-the-wall potpourri of baseless grievances, not so much because they think they can deny us a license, but because they want to bankrupt us with legal expenses. Their legal petition is a cut and paste re-read,
1 – From arguments from their over-a-dozen previous attacks on other small non-commercial stations.
2 – From an utterly failed legal attempt on the part of UVA’s radio station, with assistance from WNRN (that resulted in an Federal investigation) to deny us a license in 2013, and
3 – From ignorance and/or wishful thinking with regard to some FCC regulations.
While SAGA’s filings might be difficult to understand, their motivation is simple: Flat out greed, coupled with the arrogance and resources to shamelessly abuse the regulatory process to help their bottom line while denying listeners and potential advertisers a choice.
Funds that were to be spent upgrading equipment and improving your listening experience are now going forced to go to fighting this organization.
Hopefully you’re asking “What can I do?” by this point. Well, the most important thing is to DONATE now. Please go to now and hit the ‘Donate’ button! All donations over $25 will receive a Rock Hits 92.3 t-shirt and bumper sticker. We need to raise at least $2500 in the next 30 days. All donations are tax deductible. If considering a large donation and would like a detailed personal briefing, please email/call with your contact information… and of course adjust your listening habits accordingly!

To see the filing from Saga Communications:

To see the response from Rock Hits 92.3’s lawyer: