Heavy Metal Double Tap (9/15/19) Podcast

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Hour 1
The Black Dahlia Murder - Spite Suicide
Insomnium - Heart Like A Grave (NEW!)
Faith No More - Caffiene
Amon Amarth - At Dawn's First Light
Killswitch Engage - Bite The Hand That Feeds (NEWish!)
Darkness Divided - Misery
In Flames - Eye Of The Beholder
Black Plague - Existence (NEW!)
LNV Last Nights Villain - Within A Shadow (NEW!)
Pantera - Fucking Hostile
As I Lay Dying - Blinded (NEW!)
Exodus - Salt The Wound
Hour 2
Official Motörhead - Shake The World
HELLYEAH - Black Flag Army (NEW!)
Cattle Decapitation - One Day Closer To The End Of The World (NEW!)
Memphis May Fire - The Old Me
Vitriol - Crowned In Retaliation (NEW!)
INCITE - Built To Destroy
Converge - Sadness Comes Home
Whitechapel - The Saw Is The Law
Overkill - King Of The Rat Bastards
Slayer - Raining Blood
Anthrax - Monster At The End
Sepultura - The Hunt
Trivium - Strife
Deathcrown - Baptized In Horror
Ronnie James Dio (DIO) - Holy Diver